Saturday, 12 March 2011


very tired myself, to deal with this problem. patience, which
makes it still survives to face thereto. only god
only knows one's heart good intentions or bad. only God
knows well that any allegations that his followers
have to face comes from it. live in this world too much
to teach us to be cautious around them. We also
do not easily trust a person completely and we are
not too dear person. I now understand what the
new behind those words. good or bad thing that
had happened this would be a lesson to live in
this world. This also makes one
more eager to succeed
in the life of him. any act which is not good it will have
revenge on him. like the words of someone who is
known by me and used as a guide to life, we as
women need a lot of most patient-and do not follow
your heart. we do not have the heart that controls our minds.

dah baca ke,terima kasih tau sebab sudi membaca dan singgah ke blog kami

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